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1 year ago

Not satisfied


I am not satisfied with this Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream. The product claims to give an even skin tone with skin lightening and brightening effects. But it does not stay true to its promises and claims that it has made. it contains spf 15 which is the only plus side that I could see from this product. this one has a good moisturising effect but for oily skin like me, it feels greasy over the skin when applied. I hope it works for dry skin but I am not sure about it. Also it gives an instant brightness which has a temporary result and not a permanent one. The product comes in a tub packaging which I don't prefer much as I feel it is unhygienic and the price is very expensive for its quality and quantity. I heard the product was good when they had introduced it into the market but now it has really gone down.

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