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1 year ago

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I am an all time fan of Himalaya Products as their products are are good and they don't have much chemicals that would harm us. I have tried most of the products and their toothpaste is also good. this Himalaya Herbals Dental Cream is a good one that help us to keep our mouth clean. I have a lot of dental problems so I always choose products that treats my problem and help me to get rid of it. as far as this dental cream is concerned the packaging is quite similar to others as it comes in a tube packaging and the price is also affordable. the taste of this product is good that will not make you frown your face when you brush your teeth in the morning. this product takes care of cavities and other dental issues. Whatever toothpaste you use, I still suggest you to use a mouthwash which keeps your oral hygiene good as I have gone through dental issues. Overall, this is a good paste for teeth and gums that comes available at an affordable price. it is also easily available in stores.

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