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MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash mascara comes with whipped carbon black formula. It adds dense volume, lengthens and curls the lashes, and conditions them. It softens the lashes and makes them more flexible. It comes with a gigantic molded brush that stores and deposits an optimal amount of mascara and doesn’t make the lashes clumpy. The tip of the brush is for precise application of mascara on the lower lashes and finer hair at the inner corners.

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amazing whipped carbon mascara Papri approves this product
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Curls lashes

Lifts lashes

Lengthens lashes

Volumizes lashes

Safe for contact lens wearers


Non-clumping formula

Huge brush

Intense black color

If you even dreamt of having long and flattering lashes like falsies then you have to try MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash mascara. It is unique mascara that features unique formula of whipped carbon which gives lengthen to each and every lash to a great extent. It comes in a plastic tube packaging which a long and precise applicator attached. The formula adds volume to every lash and helps to hold the curl. It coats evenly each lash and gives a lengthening effect. The formula doesn’t crumble the lashes not even weight them down. The mascara holds the curls in place for long period of time. This mascara gives falsie like effect to your lashes. Both the applicator brushes have unique design. This mascara ensures you to get long, voluminous black lashes. It leaves your lashes looking flattering for up 24 hours without smudging, budging or fading. It doesn’t come off even under rain, sweat, humidity or tears.

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