Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash Reviews

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1 year ago

promising face wash for acne prone skin



Suitable for daily use

Doesn’t irritate eyes

Herbal formulation

Removes spots and pigmentation

I have oily acne prone skin. In past I suffered from a lot of skin sensitivity. Then one of my friend suggest new Jovees Tea Tree Face Wash. It deeply cleanses the skin pores and removes impurities. I have been using this face wash a while now. It works well on my acne and pimple and I’m really happy with the result. Today I’m going to review this face wash. Packaging: Jovees Tea Tree Face Wash comes in a green plastic tube with flip-top cap. Cap shuts tightly making it travel-friendly. All the information related to the product is written over the packing. Smell: it smells pleasant and nice. It doesn’t irritate your sensitive nose. Texture and consistency: Green color face wash has a thin texture with a runny consistency. It applies easily on the face, lather pretty well and rinses off easily. For runny consistency, a pea-size amount of this face wash is sufficient for wash face. Formula: Its advanced formula is enriched with tea tree oil, botanical extracts, and herbs that deeply cleanse the skin, control excess oil, and prevent acne. Tree tea oil is known for antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Not only that it contains another skin-nourishing ingredient like lemon extract which lightens the skin tones on the other hand vitamin soothes skin irritation. The anti-inflammation properties of tea tree oil fight against acne pimple and skin irritation and also prevents skin damage while lemon removes tan and makes skin healthy. Olive oil provides a soothing effect on the skin and maintains the natural oil balance of the skin. The other ingredients like vitamin C make your skin smooth, blemish-free and radiant. I use it daily in the morning just after wake up and in the evening after coming back home from the office. It rinses off easily with plain water. My skin feels squeaky clean post water. It controls excess oil and prevent sebum secretion, keep my skin fresh and matte for long. The mulberry extract instantly brightens up my complexion. This face wash is affordable and easily available online and offline. It is merely designed for oily acne-prone skin, so if you have dry skin, then it is better to give it a miss. It makes dry skin drier. Hence you need to apply moisture after each use.

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