Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Reviews

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1 year ago

Best serum for aging skin


Brightens dull skin

Repairs pigmentation

Eliminates dark spots

Eliminates fine lines

Soothes skin

Free of harmful chemicals

Suitable for all skin types

We all probably know the benefits of using Kumkumadi oil as a skin treatment. Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi is a unique and rich blend of difference exotic oils and herbs that make your skin healthy and happy. It is a lightweight serum that made of all-natural and organic Indian herbs that are known for their beauty benefits. It comes to a glass bottle with a dropper cap fitted at the top. Its skin-nourishing formula contains Indian madder and banyan tree extract which smooth and irons out the fine lines while repairing early signs of aging. It has sandalwood, vetiver and lotus extract which help clean your skin and provide a cooling effect. It contains saffron as a skin brightening and illuminating agent to improve skin texture and complexion. It also has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that help fight against bacterial growth and fungal infection. You can use this serum in your night skincare routine.

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