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2 years ago

assure instant glow pack


Paraben free

Suitable for all skin types

Removes tan and impurities

Cleanses skin

Tightens the skin

Hydrates the skin

Provides a healthy glow

Travel friendly

I have oily acne-prone skin. After 1-2 applying any cream skin starts excess oil and sebum secretion. To control this excess sebum secretion has become my biggest concern. Then I got assure instant glow face pack. Make off with all-natural ingredients like fuller earth and kaolin clay, this face mask helps the control excess oiliness of the skin. It comes in an opaque plastic tube with screw open cap. The packaging is travel-friendly. I applied a generous amount of this clay mask on to the face. This smooth paste-like mask applied easily the skin. Then I left it for 10 mins to dry out. it dried very quickly. Then I washed off with plant water. It has mulberry extract which helps to reduce skin pigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes. It leaves the skin clear, oil-free and radiant. It soaks excess sebum from the pores, leaving it unclogged and clean. Your skin can breathe after using this mask. The paraben-free formulation leaves them hydrated for long. It helps to tighten the skin. This clay mask contents all skin-loving minerals that make your skin glowing and healthy. But this mask is not fully free from chemicals.

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