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1 year ago

For fresh shine free look


travel friendly,

suitable for all skin types,

suitable for all skin tones,

blends easily,

makeup lasts longer,

provides smooth base,

shine free base,

If you want your makeup to stay longer without fading then you need a good primer. Rimmel stay Matte primer is my favorite primer. It is affordable and promising. It comes in a white plastic tube that with a screw open cap. It has a nozzle on it that oozes out the product. The thick gel like texture glides on to the skin effortlessly and covers the face. It requires very minimum amount for one time use. This primer fills the pores and blurs the appearance of open pores and creates a smooth base for foundation. It preps the skin for further makeup. If your apply foundation directly on your face you skin becomes very dry and the foundation would sink down the open pore and made them more prominent. But this primer blurs the appearance of open pores. It also helps to control oil and shine and leaves your face fresh and matte for 8 hours. This primer seeps down into the pores quickly and creates a smooth base. It prevents your makeup from smudging or budging or moving. It can make your face look fresh and shine free for all most 8 hours.

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