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1 year ago

Skin brightener face pack


Soft texture.

Easy to use and remove.

Spreads easily.

Mild fragrance.



Tightens skin.

Oil-free look.

No irritation.

Instant brightness.

We all know that kesar and chandan have immanse skin brightening properties. They can be use to make brighter looking complexions. Joy kesar chandan face pack is a great product for lightens and brightens your skin instantly. It comes in tube packaging which ensures the ease of use. It is easy to carry as well. The face pack has smooth texture with thick consistency. So it spreads on the skin surface easily. It dries up very quickly. The formula contains natural fairness complex like Vitamin B3 along with turmeric, saffron and sandalwood extract. It makes the skin soft ,supple and radiant. The formula helps to remove skin tan and reduces pigmentation and discoloration. It restores the skin elasticity and glow after exposure of sun. It reduces dark spots, under eye darkness and other minor skin flaws. Your skin appears healthy spotless, everyone and radiant after every use. It has mild smell which doesn't irritate your nose. saffron helps to restore the skin texture and natural tone. It gives a oil free look which stay fresh for some time. But the instant glowing it provides last for a while. This affordable face face is available easily. But it contains chemicals like paraben.

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