Himalaya Wellness Trikatu Tablets Reviews

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1 year ago

Herbal product for weight gain


Free from sugar.

No artificial colors.

No artificial flavours.

Free from preservatives, and gelatine.

100% vegetarian product.

My brother was suffering from bad and less appetite and soon he became underweight. My mom and dad was so worried about his health. Then he was recommended to intake Himalaya Wellness Trikatu tablets by his physician. It is a completely a natural supplement which made up with ginger and pepper extract. It improves healthy appetite and improve digestion. The ginger and pepper extract help stimulating the digestive enzyme and improve digestive system. This supplement helps the lever to secrete bile enzyme which is important from healthy digestion, thus it improves absorption of fat to body. This also give relief from indigestion, gas formation, abdominal bloating and acidity. Thus it helps to absorb the important nutrients from the food and improves healthy appetite. Within a few days my brother got back her normal appetite and finally started gaining healthy weight. It is made from all natural ingredients hence it doesn’t have any side effect.

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