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1 year ago

Rapid action


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Volini Pain Relief spray is one of a kind product that is designed to give relief from any kind of pain. It fights against any kind of joint pain and muscular pain. It comes in a cylindrical tin bottle with a sprayer fitted at the top. It is available in different sizes for convenient to carry and use. It gives rapid relief from pain at a 360degree angle. It contains micro particles that go deep inside the muscle and relieve pain. When sprayed, it instantly cools the area and soothes the swelling. This product is non–sticky and has a very strong fragrance. It needs to be sprayed from distance. After application, do not rub the product on the skin. It may cause a burning sensation. I use Volini spray whenever I get back or shoulder pain. My mom in law uses it on her joint pain and muscle pain. It gives relief from any type of pain in a very short period. Unlike the other pain relief product, it never stains the clothes.

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