Savlon Pen Sanitizer Spray Reviews

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1 year ago

Easy to carry


Needs no water

No harmful chemicals



Mild on your skin

Delivers 100 sprays.

I always trust Savlon when it comes to personal care and hygiene. We have been using their liquid hand wash for 3 years now. Recently I have come across an interesting product from the Brand it is a Pen sanitizer spray. As the name suggests, it looks exactly like a pen. So, you can attached and carry it inside your shirt pocket, keep it inside the pencil box and purse and carry it anywhere you want. This formula is gentle on the skin hence can be used on kids too. I gave it to my daughter as she carries it to school and uses it as per her requirement. It comes in a spray form, so it is very easy to use on the go. Just spray the sanitizer on your hands and rub till it dries down. It effectively kills the germs and bacteria and disinfects your hands quickly. It also leaves a fresh smell that lingers for quite some time.

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