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1 year ago

Rapid relief from pain



Natural ingredients

With a naughty kid around, I always need keep on watch her playing and doing other things. For pain I always trust emami mentho plus balm. It is pain relief balm which has the power of relaxing menthol along with other pain relieving herbs. It comes in a rollon form inside plastic container. It is easy to carry and apply. It has soft smooth texture which applies easily on the skin and gets absorbed in quickly and gives instant relief from pain. It comes with a strong and relaxing aroma which reduces headaches. This balm helps to increase blood circulation on the paining area and gives rapid relief. It treated cold and cough. It treats muscle pain and relaxes the pain. It works best in headaches and back pain. You can rub it where the pain is, it gives a cooling effect on the area as it has menthol. It really works on the muscle pain.

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