Baidyanath Triphala Churna Reviews

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1 year ago

Good product for digestion


Natural ingredients

Healthy supplement

Can be self-prescribed

As we all know that triphala is a medication value on any health issues like indigestion, over weight, acidity , constipation, gas and many more, Baidyanath Triphala churna works great for such problems. It comes in a white plastic jar with screw open lid. It is available in different sizes for the convenience usage. It removes toxins from your body and thus improves digestion. Triphala helps relieve constipation, piles and obesity. It also helps improve eye sight. It helps in normalizing the l bowel movement and thus helps to cure piles, gas and acidity. It boost immunity and metabolism levels and thus it helps to lose weight. This powder is consumed before meal or in the morning to improve functioning of your digestion system. The consumption of this powder helps to improve digestion and reduce inflammation in the stomach. It can be self-prescribed or can be taken under supervision. It doesn't taste good.

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