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1 year ago

Works great


Pleasant fragrance


Applies evenly and smoothly

Sleek is a brand that knows for making excellent hot waxes. I have been using this chocolate wax since 2013 s now and have not complain about it. It comes in tin containers. You can directly microwaved it to melt the wax. It is easily removed with disposable cotton wax stripes. You need to apply the wax very thinly on the area and pull off with waxing stripes. It is water soluble, hence the residue can be easily washed off with plain water. It feels a bit sticky but you can easily wash it with cold water. It has chocolate, hence it is very nourishing on the skin. It effectively removes body hair but doesn't work on smaller hair. It removes sun tan beautifully and leaves a smooth radiant skin. It doesn't irritate the skin ,so it is used on sensitive skin as well. It removes unwanted body hair from the roots without any pain.

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