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1 year ago

Nice eye cream



Fast absorbing

If you have intense under eye dark circles, then ACM Depiwhite a perfect under-eye gel for you. It is an eye contour gel that works amazingly on under eye pigmentation and darkness. It is dermatologist tested and recommended product. It comes in a small plastic tube with a screw open cap. It is easy to use and carry in your purse or handbag. The gel is lightweight and non-sticky. It doesn’t feel heavy on the application area. It applies evenly on the skin and gets absorbs within some seconds. It doesn’t leave the skin greasy. You need to apply this under eye gel overnight to get the maximum benefits out of it. It gives a cooling effect and thus calms down relaxes the tissues. It helps to lighten the dark circle and pigmentation. It eliminates under-eye puffiness and eye bags. It makes your eye look bright, fresh and awake.

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