Jovees Amla and Bael Revitalising Hair Tonic Reviews

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1 year ago

Promising hair tonic


Travel-friendly bottle

Leak-proof bottle

Mild fragrance

Jovees Amla and Beal revitalizing hair tonic are one of a kind product which gives your dull rough hair a new life. It comes in an easy to use and a travel-friendly plastic bottle with screw open cap. It is a weight hair tonic that has a thin consistency. It gets absorbed into the scalp quickly. It doesn’t make the hair oily or greasy nor even weighs down the hair. It formulated with all-natural ingredients such as amla, bael jatamansi, and many others. These ingredients work together to provide nourishment to your hair. this hair tonic helps to restore the natural texture of your hair. It reduces damage and roughness of the hair making it soft, smooth and bouncy. It also tames down the frizzes thus prepend hair breakage while combing your hair. It also stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and nourishes hair follicles and makes your hair shiny, healthy and soft. Regular use of this tonic can make your hair strong and voluminous.

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