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2 years ago

Non-patchy, non-sticky and non-oily formula.


Since it's a fluid highlighter it has a smooth, meager surface that gets a mixed effect on the skin; it never feels runny by any stretch of the imagination. Its delicate recipe coasts easily on the skin and feel very lightweight also. It never feels sketchy or dry. I, for the most part, want to utilize it on the most elevated territories of my face – like on the cheekbones, extension of my nose, cupid's bow and forehead. It mixes so rapidly with a finger on these zones. I additionally use it with a wipe and it gets mixed rapidly with it too. Be that as it may, the wipe douses up a touch of the item. So fundamentally, you can utilize featuring apparatus to apply and mix this product. I likewise use it with my establishment and it performs so well. I cherish the manner in which it gives a lovely, immaculate dewy completion to my skin. I for the most part like to utilize it with my fluid establishments to make them dewy and it works so truly well. I cherish the completion it provides for my skin. For me, it functions admirably in both the ways and me by one way or another affection this item. It never features my dry fixes however I for one don't care to utilize it as my base cosmetics however this one is a bit OTT for that trap. Truth be told, it can feature dry patches. In this way, it is ideal to blend this with an establishment and after that apply. Simply mix it with Beauty Blender and it will give a stunning finishThe impact endures long also. It remains for around 7-8 hours on the skin. I don't know how it will carry on during summers, however, for the time being, I adore this item. This is one of the most flawless shades I have. On the off chance that you have amazingly dry and inconsistent skin, at that point ensure you shed and saturate it before utilizing this highlighter. Likewise, it may appear to be costly yet it will keep going long. By and large, this is a decent highlighter with a pleasant lightweight recipe.

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