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2 years ago

Promotes hair health


100% Pure Henna

Mix of 9 potent herbs

Highest quality leaves

Rich shade

No side-effects

Promotes hair health

Easy to use

I simply love this product as it is simply amazing, I am a regular user of this from a long time. before I think it's already a hair color but after using it I realized how amazing it with all exceptional properties, pure natural healthy leaves of henna and natural herbs are elixirs for hair, which is topmost to make hair strong from roots, it is a perfect hair growth formula also give good color to hairs. it comes with the bliss of amla which helps boon to hair, the aroma is quite natural, it really takes our spirit close to the earth, highly satisfying product as it is natural to give hairs a good color, also gave them required strength as well. my hair feels silky and looks wow after using it. so this is not only color therapy but a package of hair to make them stronger, shiny, bouncy and naturally color full. One who uses it just can understand st the decency about this amazing, you will be like this product after the first use, it comes in green in shading and as powder form. I took a similar proportion of water as referenced on the pack and blended it with the powder to make a perfect paste, It is some tricky sort of blend. once we make the paste it takes 2-3 hours to set in proper form . and after applying it my hair feels really soft and very hydrated. I like my hair quality. this is so pocket-accommodating. overall I think this is a pretty safe natural product as it actually containing herbal products like henna and coconut oil. So and as so it's a good care product to protecting your hair

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