NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.3


2 years ago

Imparts a natural finish


Multipurpose pencil

Prevents lipstick from bleeding

Brightens up eyes

Covers imperfections

Creamy consistency

Imparts a natural finish

Easy to use

Great for highlighting


Eyeliner-style pencil. I like how exact this pencil is. This would be extremely advantageous for movement or to keep in my handbag for snappy touch-ups. This is a multi-use item. It tends to be utilized as a concealer, eyeliner, an invert lip liner to keep your lipstick from draining. When utilizing it as an under-eye concealer it was excessively dry making it looks sketchy and haul during application which made it awkward to utilize. Be that as it may, I adore how simple and fast it is to spot-right skin break out scarring and dull spots with these pencils. This has a thick waxy feel to it and it takes some work to mix it out yet it layers well. It’s reasonable. It lasts longer for more than 5 days. After the regular oils from my skin blended with the item, it ended up simpler to incidentally rub off. creamy consistency blends well Great for highlighting

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