L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer Reviews

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2 years ago

Perfect base for makeup



Gives flawless makeup results




Perfect base for makeup

Smoothens skin

Brightens complexion

Controls oil

I have tried so many others in the past, only to have them slide around on my face and cause my skin to break out after every use. Not with BaseMagique. This primer glides on easily, stays put, smooths fine lines, hides enlarged pores, helps foundation last longer and be more easily applied, reduces shine, is safe for my sensitive skin, doesn't have a strong fragrance and doesn't cause me to break out! The only downside for me is the fact it is in a fiddly jar which makes it a bit harder and messy to use and doesn't seem very hygienic to me, but otherwise perfect! Leaves skin smooth and even ready for makeup application. I think it is probably one of the best primers I have tried. The texture is smooth and a little thick but it goes on really nicely. It blurs any imperfections and smooths over pores. There is no smell to it which is good. It is an off-white-very-pale-pink color. Great for mattifying and for giving a natural effect without any shine.t cleaning excessively, and they blur over the eye, which is a wonder! Concerning the length, I generally apply them with groundwork or concealer, and they last effectively for the entire day! If you are searching for a conservative and space-sparing palette at a decent value, made out of obscure hues and harvest time conceals, this is for you

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