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2 years ago

micro pencil to shade the tiny hairs




I recently purchased NYX Micro Brow Pencil after a suggestion from my friends, as I wanted to fill my eyebrows. I have most fine hairs, and I tried to coat them using the NYX micro brow pencil. The product is thin, sleek, and extended with a spoolie brush on the one side. The brush should have more bristles as it would easier to comb the eyebrow. As far as the pencil I felt it is tiny and is a food feature to get the small hairs colored easily. The packing is durable and travels friendly as well. In my opinion, the shade last for about five to six hours and I could throw a little bit more. I also tried not to touch my eyebrows, make sure how much longer it can last. The NYX Micro Brow pencil texture is just right, even the color is not thick and comes as little faded which suites my eyebrows. The pencil doesn’t feel very smooth, but it does glide. The pencil is thin and can get too small areas, and you should use a light hand to do those strokes. It doesn’t have any wax content in it at all. The cons I felt in the product are, they could have improved the texture of the pencil a little better if you try to shade the eyebrow too hard it would mess the eyebrows and the product. I felt the quantity is less as well. The pros about the NYX Micro Brow Pencil are travel-friendly, good packing slides on the eyebrows, super thin pencil and gives a very natural feel. Overall, I think I will be grabbing other shades of NYC Micro brow pencils and would like to recommend as well. Except for the fact that if we use regularly, it might get finished in a month or two!!

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