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2 years ago

Jet black liner



Long lasting


NYX Matte Liquid Liner – I have a lot a liner as my eyes are little big and I would like to add some to them to make them look good. But this NYX Matte Liquid Liner is absolute bliss, with the longevity, pigmentation, no budge and price factor as well. The color is super black and stunning. I think there are 8 perky shades, but I have picked black. The Packaging is fantastic, comes with a black box with a thin tube with a color-coded as black. I felt the brush provided is of perfect length with handle and fine tip brush to apply. The liner is waterproof, and there won’t be any budge if you don’t rub your eyes often. The best way to apply this liner is – ensure you are using a primer on your eyes first, then go ahead and apply a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Move on to shading your eyebrows and then apply the eye shadow of your choice. I prefer smoky eyes, looks great with this line. The texture of this NYX Matte Liquid Liner not too liquid nor dry, and it dries down to a completely matte finish. NYX Matte Liquid Liner is one most pigmented liner I have come across despite being a liquid line, with just one stroke you can line your eye. The liner is completely matte finish and dries down quickly. Drying down quick has its own cons too. If you are trying out winged lines, then you need to be relatively faster in your application. But you master than with some amount of practice. The price is very affordable as well and readily available in stores. Overall, I would recommend the NYX Matte Liquid Liner to all because of its long lasting capacity and matte finish gorgeous super black color.

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