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2 years ago

liquid foundation


Wide variety of shades to chose


Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation - I have never used liquid foundations, and when I saw the Rimmel stay matte it was quite instigating for me to try on. The best feature of this foundation is the matte effect, as the face is oily, and I always prefer to get the matte finish. The packaging is handy with a squeeze tube and a twist cap. I believe there are eleven shades to choose from, which can be matched with different skin tones. I have applied it to my face with just a single squeeze and spread the dots across my face. The texture is very soft and glides effortlessly on the skin. The method is follow is recommended by makeup experts across the world. First wash my face with a soft cleanser, proceed with applying a water based moisturizer with in 2 mins of cleansing. This helps absorb the moisture the best. Then i go on to apply a gel primer. This helps me apply my foundation evenly, without it being patchy or cakey afterwards. After application, I notice my skin looks fresh and bright and this foundation does not make your skin greasy. The staying power I saw is only two to three hours and can improve. The foundation did not annoy my skin and minimized the pores on my skin. The formulation is great it terms of giving me a smooth even look. But that also matters with the way you apply it. Follow the process i mentioned for best results. Without which i am sure there is going to be a cakey feeling for sure. I tried it and failed miserably. The price I guess it was around 450 to 500 Indian rupees. The heaviness of the mousse formula can breakout and has a sheen. As the name suggests, I couldn’t see any liquid foundation and performs averagely. Overall, I would not recommend to every due to its less lasting power.

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