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2 years ago

Little disappointed!!


Rich Pigmentation


I always desired to try a white liquid liner. While shopping online, I stumbled upon this NYX white eyeliner. Before this eyeliner, I tried Essence White Eye pencil, but that's a different story altogether NYX White Liquid Liner instantly brighten up my eyes and makes it look more awake. If you are tired with the regular black eyeliners and you want to stand out from the crowd, you can rock with the white eyeliner look. NYX White Liquid Liner Comes packed in white cardboard with all the details printed on it. At first, I thought that the Container is the cap and opened it upside down (lol). I did not like the applicator because of its brush and its size. The brush is a little thicker, and it is not pointy, so it is challenging to draw sharply winged. If you have long lashes, there is a high chance that you will get this on your lashes. NYX White Liquid Liner is matte and highly pigmented, so it will neatly sit on top of colored eye shadows in its pure white magnificence. Moreover, the liner is waterproof and smudge-proof. Cracking is the worst thing that you would want in an eyeliner. The eyeliner cracks and flakes totally and is not long-lasting. It will last for two to three hours at maximum. I generally love NYX products, but I was disappointed with this product because of the crack. But I will try my best to work with it until I find a suitable replacement.

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