Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick Reviews

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2 years ago

Not worth it


Darker shades


Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick is one of those slanted lipsticks. The texture is little dry, so applying a lip balm underneath the lipstick is a must I would say. Without the lip balm, the lipstick would not glide smoothly. The lipsticks have the right color pay off, especially the darker shades. I have a plum desire, which is a light shade that looks uneven on the lips. I must swipe at least three times to make the shade look better on my lips. The lipstick sets into clean matte finish instantly after it is applied. The packing is cute and available in beautiful shades. The lipstick gives 100% matte finish, and I feel the darker shades have good pigmentation compared to light shades. The Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick is long-lasting and affordable. The lipstick has a weird smell, and they are not completely transfer-proof. Overall, Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick is not an excellent option for those looking for light shades. But you consider the darker shades for its matte finish and good pigmentation.

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