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L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch is an instant root concealer for quick touch-ups, anytime, anywhere. The spray takes just 3 seconds to conceal gray roots like they never existed. The dispenser comes with a micro-diffuser for precise application, which targets gray hair and offers complete blended coverage. The lightweight formula is transfer-proof, and it stays put until washed out. It is available in black and brown shades.

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Easy to use Hair concealer Pallavi approves this product
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Easy-to-use can

Powdery matte finish

Looks natural

Lasts till next wash

L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer – The concealer comes in a green can, and it also has a diffusing applicator which is useful for precise application of the concealer. The color of the can is unique and can be identified easily in my messy handbag. The concealer comes in a dark ashy colored and covers a square inch, but you can spray the concealer from a distance to cover a wide area. The color suits me very well as I have black hair like most of the Indians. The concealer did not look unnatural or fake, and you cannot control how much the product can be dispensed. It has a powdery matte finish that can be blended with your hair. If the concealer falls on your forehead, you can wipe it off using a wet tissue. The concealer has done an excellent job when covering the grey hairs but not entirely though! Specific areas like on the top near the forehead I have used to fill up the sparse spots and the concealer is outstanding in doing that. After application, my hair is slightly stiff like hairspray, so it is not an easy task to comb. But this will last till the next hair wash. The concealer is water soluble and washed off with shampoo. I did not see any hair loss due to the concealer, which is my main concern. If I would like to distinguish between pros and cons of the L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer, I would say concealer is the easy to use, powdery matte finish, looks natural and lasts till next wash are the advantages. Coming to cons, I would say the concealer makes my hair slightly stiff, and I cannot control the spray, and it does not give full coverage. Overall, it is a good and recommendable product.

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