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2 years ago

Color your lips beautifully


I was looking for something good for my lips since a long period time however could not find any thing good. One day I went to a Mall for window shopping and came across a cosmetic shop and we thought of just having a look at the new cosmetics going on trend in the market presently. The Makeup artist showed us their collection of different brand lipsticks including the Milani brand. To my surprise Milani Color Statement Lipsticks got such vibrant and appealing shades that our window shopping turned into a real one and we end up buying 4 different shades of this brand instantly. Milani Color Statement Lipstick has got almost most more than 30 beautiful shades and hence offer a wider range of variety for customers like me who always seek for more options in everything. It has got such an extensive shade range. I personally like “Orange Gina” and “Sweet nectar” shades out of all the others as my skin tone is medium and there are very few shades that suit on me. I feel so Comfortable after wearing it as my lips are no longer got that dry feeling. It not only adds color to your lips but also at the same time moisturizes them. These lipsticks has got Strong pigmentation and gives a nice matte finish. It has got extremely good staying power which is on an average of around 5-6 hours. Its such a long lasting lip color that I could anytime dig into a cappuccino or a latte and lip stick would be as it was with no shedding no here and their. Also it got a classy packaging and is very convenient while commuting. I would say it’s a super deal for the money they are asking for and a must have in every girls bag.

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