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2 years ago

Must have in your vanity


Todays world is full of dirt, dust and pollutants every where and every time. The Air pollution has so much increased now a days that you are forced to cover your face every time you step out of your house. I wonder when we will be able to walk on roads like free birds with no fear of spoiling our skin. I am not sure when would this come to reality but pity sure that this Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild would help you tremendously to get rid of pollutants from your skin. Yes trust me it is certainly tried and tested by me. Initially even I was a bit reluctant to use this product as we all have our own sets of fears when it comes to our face. However eventually after doing a lot of re-search I was convinced to give this cleanser at least a try as I never read about any side effects of this product. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild is step 1 of Clinique’s customized skin care rou-tine. The brand Clinique certainly requires no introduction at all as it has got some extremely amazing products to its kitty. As claimed it is dermatologically developed liquid soap and is way to gentle on the skin. It completely cleanses the skin thoroughly. Just a small quantity of this cleanser is enough to produce the required amount of lather for your skin. It lathers so well and the lather is non drying in nature which gently removes dirt and grime and loosens surface flakes. It cleanses your face without disturbing skin’s natural moisture balance. My skin feels so fresh and clean without over drying after every single wash. As the name only suggests it is extra mild on the skin. It prepares the skin for the next step in the skin care routine. It is available for all skin types

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