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2 years ago

Bad experience


Fair And Lovely is one such brand which s their in the market since ages I would say. In fact I would not be wrong in saying that my child hood as all passed smelling the mild fragrance of this cream as my mother and most of my aunties used to apply this everyday. Back than I believe their were very less options available as for as face creams were concerned and this cream was the love of every female of that time. On the contrary now a days there are ample of face creams available which can be very good competitors to fair and lovely cream so why would any one use this ancient cream at least not people like me who always keep on looking for up gradations in each and everything. Though they have come up with their updated version which is Fair And Lovely BB Cream but nothing much impact it has got. There are certainly no shade choices as you need to stick to one particular shade irrespective of your skin tone. I bought this cream as I was looking for something that can be used on regular basis while stepping out of the house. Trust me I used this cream only once till now as it appears so unnatural and it gives a look as if you have applied a foundation. It has got a completely sticky formulation that does not blend well in to your skin. It leaves white patches on the skin which I hate the most. And your face looks more uneven which is a complete no no for me. It is not suitable for all skin types so you need to be very cautious while making this investment. This cream was of really poor quality and you can not be used regularly on a daily purpose.

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