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NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel is an eyebrow enhancing gel. This lightweight, waterproof formula keeps your eyebrows in place, without smudging or spreading. The gel also makes your brows appear thicker and fuller throughout the day without wearing off. It is available in five shades.

aparna_dhakne Review

Perfect brow filler Aparna approves this product
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Gel formula

Great pigmentation

Versatile shade range

Convenient packaging

Easy to use


I am brow obsessed and i wanted to love this but I can't entirely. I love the concept but at the same time you would be better off with the eyebrow cake. The NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel is super messy at times and you need to have a very light hand when applying and blend like crazy. It is possible to get a beautiful brow but definitely is not a go to product when you are in a rush or just want to get ready and go in less than 10 minutes. It is waterproof and lasts all day and I have even slept in it and it did n't budge. It is something you have to play around with and figure out a way to apply that works for you. This product is prefect for extending the tail of my brows, and filling them in, however since I have slightly thick brows, if I bring this in to the inner part of my brows, it can make them look harsh.

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