Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo Reviews

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2 years ago

Restoration of hair growth


Reduces hair fall by 98%

Restores hair health

Strengthens the roots

Contains micro moisture serum

Fights hair fall causing factors

Suitable for both men and women

Available in 5 sizes

Prevents hair breakage

Prevents split-ends

Off lately I am facing several hair issues like itchiness of the scalp with heavy hair fall. There was a time my hair used to be so soft and shiny that every one used to ask me often what hair products I am using. But I think now that’s only a dream which would never come true I suppose. My scalp was so full of dandruff that it would ultimately fall all over my face leading to acnes and pimples. Because of my hair even my face was getting spoiled some where down the line. I tried so many chemical and natural products to deal with this problem but all in vain. I used various ayurvedic products but the effects were for the time being and after that same old story. One day while watching television I saw the advertisement of Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and thought of trying this one. The Ad was really eye catchy and I finally bought this shampoo one day. In the first use it self I felt that my scalp was less itchy with the dandruff all gone. I than started using this shampoo on a regular basis for each and every head bath. And every time I used this product I used to feel that my head and scalp are being cleansed not only from out side but also from with in. I started feeling so light eventually. Every application gave me that refreshed feeling that never came before with so many hair products in the past. It has also nourished my hair in a way that I feel them so clean now. Also I feel that the severe hair fall problem that I was facing earlier has reduced to a very great extent now.

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