NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.3


2 years ago

Conceals like never before


Multipurpose pencil

Prevents lipstick from bleeding

Brightens up eyes

Creamy consistency

Blends well

Great for highlighting

I bought NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil to cover the light and dark patches which I had all over my face. It is indeed a wonder pencil which helps in getting rid of the uneven skin tone. I found that it also helps in minimizing the deep wrinkles around my mouth. The only drawback that I found in this is the difficulty in sharpening it. I recommend freezing it prior to sharpening or else the concealer is so soft that it just falls apart and gums up the sharpener leading to major wastage of the product. I am indeed very happy with this product. It also lines the waterline of the eye for that wide awake look. It certainly lines my lips to prevent bleeding or give a very precise edge. I also use this around the eye area to 'erase' or correct any make up mistakes, flare out at the outer corner of eyes to open them a bit more. Yes you can see that this one is so versatile in nature. It is surely multi tasking.

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