Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat Reviews

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2 years ago

Perfect coat for nails


Quick drying formula

Prevents nail chipping

High-gloss shine

Salon and dermatologist tested

Prevents manicure from fading


Post delivery it was really a tough task to keep my nails healthy and good looking. I had so many different brands nail polishes in my make up kit but really regret spending so much on them as I hardly use any thing. I am really not very good in taking care of my nails since the beginning and now with a super active toddler it is indeed impossible to do some art or nail extensions surely. It was when one fine day I was watching some daily soap my eyes got so attracted on the TV actresses nails and I made my mind to grow my nails and get them different shades. After reading much online reviews I came across Sally Hansen Insta Dri Anti Chip Top Coat to be on the top node among those who are looking for those attractive nails and I instantly bought one. It dries any nail color in seconds! Yes, it is true. Also it protects nails from chipping. Lit gives that superior shine which lasts for more than a week.

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