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2 years ago

Colour your eyes with pride


Creamy, velvety shades

Matte finish

Affordable singles

Infused with vitamin E

Blends well

Lasts long

Pigmented shades

I like creativity in each and every thing be it the way I dress or apply make up I always love to look unique. Hence I always end up experimenting on my clothes and make up for that versatility. I really like when people shower their compliments that how do I manage getting into so much versatile looks. Don’t you feel good too when you are getting praised for your efforts? To get that intense and creative look I am always on a hunt to get some unique make up stuff. I keep on researching and reading online so that I come to know about new and unique products always. Coloressence HD Matte Eye shadow is one such cosmetic I recently came across while reading online. It is indeed purely pigmented and is perfect simply for that desired and versatile look that I always look for! I can bet you that these loose and highly saturated colored powders will summon the artist in you just like the way it did to me! It is just a perfect eye shadow irrespective of if you like or prefer a gentle wash of color or a dazzling colour shade! The effects you can create with the same is just WOW and it definitely deserves a place in each and every ones makeup kit. I some times in addition to using it as an eye shadow use it as a blush and also as an coloured eye liner at times. With this eye shadow I can easily create that winged eyeliner looks for your self or may be that dramatic look for your eyes that was a dream always! I strongly recommend this to each and every one.

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