Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening & Depigmentation Face Pack Reviews

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2 years ago

Clean and clear skin tone



Gives a flawless look

Contains Ayurvedic ingredients

Makes skin soft and smooth

Prevents acne

Reduces pigmentation

Suitable for all skin types

My face has recently gone so dark and dull as I hardly get now a days time to take care of my skin and body. Also since I have a super naughty baby at my home it is really very difficult to maintain a regular skin care regime. I feel that my sleep is also not sufficient causing severe and frequent break outs on my face. Also the surroundings has added equally to ruining my face more. Earlier when I was in college I used to use so many face packs which were home made but now a days it is actually not possible and spent time in making home made face packs at all. Hence I was looking for some thing to be ready made but natural at the same time. I was really overwhelmed when I came to know that the most loved and adored brand Biotique has introduced their Bio Fruit Whitening & Depigmentation Face Pack. I was really looking forward to use this face pack for my face and could not wait to see the miracle on my face. I liked this brand very much as have used so many products of this family in the past and was quite happy with the results. And one fine day I finally bought this face pack and applied on my face the same day.. Yes as I was really excited to try it out. In the very first application I did not find much difference in my skin tone. I just felt that my skin looked more clean and clear after applying this face pack. But I realised that with regular use my skin has become more softer and smoother. Also I feel that my face has got the youthful tone and texture now.

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