Avene Mousse Nettoyante Cleansing Foam Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.8


2 years ago

Clean and clear skin


Moisturizing effect

Doesn’t clog pores

Creamy texture

Restores softness of skin

Acts as both cleanser and makeup remover

No side effects

Gives results in a few weeks

Recently I was facing a lot of skin related issues and it was getting really difficult to try out things at home like face packs and all as I had a small kid too. I hence thought of buying a good cleanser as the current one which I was using was not taking out my make up completely especially I use to struggle a lot in removing my eye make up. I changed my cleanser and used so many other brands too but none of them could show me those satisfactory results ever. And than I came across this Avene Mousse Nettoyante Cleansing Foam while hunting for good cleanser on the internet and I was really amused by the positive reviews that were written by many females. Also I remember one of my colleague mentioning about it once. So I instantly bought the one. It has been almost more than a month now that I am using this cleansing foam and my face which was once full with all acnes and pimples now feels comparatively clearer. I bought this one to remove my daily make up but in addition to doing that it also helped me in getting a clearer and brighter skin tone. Which was really unexpected and like any other customer I was a happy one! I am really thankful to this brand for introducing such a wonder product that created that magic over my face I usually apply a thin layer of this clearing gel to my entire face twice a day. Ever since I started using this I feel that my skin has become more healthier than before. I in fact am getting compliments now a days saying that I look much younger comparatively.

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