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2 years ago

Mild body cleanser


Oil-clear formula

Imparts natural glow


The surrounding is so full of dust and harmful pollutants now a days that you are indeed forced to use some or the other cleanser to keep your skin clean and healthy. I have a combination skin type that becomes oily during summers and a good soap or a body wash is always a priority in my skin care routine. The advertisement of Pears oil clear and glow soap I first saw on the television and I do not know what inclined me towards the same that I some how started believing that this could be a perfect cleanser for my skin. I decided to start using this on a regular basis. After using this soap for almost more than a month now. I feel that my skin look more younger and healthier comparatively. It moisturizes my skin so well that it feel just the right amount of soft and supple texture wise. It is just perfect for slightly oily skin that I have as I feel that it helps in controlling all the excess oil from my skin. Ever since I started using this I feel my skin more clean and dirt free. Also it has played a vital role in maintaining the dryness level of my skin. It has a very refreshing fragrance that remains with you for quite some time after shower too. Not too strong but yes that perfect mild one! This soap lathers well and deep clenses my skin from with in. The only loop hole I feel with this soap is that it is very tender and soft and that you need to be very cautious to keep it all dry after use other wise it would be dissolved in a few days.

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