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1 year ago

Hydrated lips


Moisturizes and nourishes lips

Convenient packaging


Being a working professional you hardly get time to think for your skin and body. And yes also the lips. I used to simply apply lip sticks every day before stepping out of my house. As that was the only thing out of various cosmetics I used to apply on a regular basis almost daily. My mom used to always tell me that this frequent and daily usage of lip sticks would surely spoil my lips one day. I was using only good brand lip sticks so I was quite least concerned that it would do any thing bad to my lips. But gradually have realised in spite of using good brand cosmetics my lips has some where lost the shine now a days. Also they get super dry if I am not applying any lip balm or some thing like Vaseline. I even started drinking more amount of water as doctor once told me that drinking less water could be a possibility and hence I started keeping my self more hydrated but nothing actually was helping me in getting my earlier lips back and I was really disheartened with almost all the products and cosmetics I used to get rid of this problem of mine. One day while looking for good lip balms online I came across Avon Naturals Lip Balm. Avon being one of my favourite brands attracted me more towards their recently introduced lip balm in the market. Ever since I started using this I feel my lips are getting 24 Hours lip moisturization. Yes I feel so happy and satisfied with the way my lips are getting back to their original texture. Also it claims to come with spf for sun protection. To be honest I have not experience that yet but I am simply happy with the way it moisturise my lips.

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