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1 year ago

Ayurveda product – A failure


Recently I was facing so many skin related problems together and I treid so many face creams and face packs and what not but with no proper and suitable solution at all. It has become really problematic to me as my face looks so dark patchy now a days. Also ever since I crossed 30 I feel that my face suddenly looks so old and aged. In addition to all this issues things have gotten worse as the winters have started. As my skin now is becoming more dry and unnourished. One of my office colleague told me about Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi for my skin. I am not much in to ayurvedic products and hence was really hesitant to even try this out but later decided that there is nothing harm in trying at least and yes as nothing that I had was working to as a remedy. I have realised that there is no remarkable change on my skin in spite of using this product on a regular basis. It does not hydrate my skin too and I end up applying a cold cream to my face now a days which I really hate to apply since the beginning.

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