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1 year ago

For lip softening


Exfoliates lips

Softens lips

Smells great


My lips were going so dry now a days that I used to wonder when would I get back my smooth and supple lips back. MAC is one such brand that never ever disappoints me and when I got to know that It has got their Lip Scrubtious I was very happy and instantly ordered it. I was really excited to try it out. With regular usage of this I feel my dry lips have become super soft now. Also the texture is kind of very smooth that I no longer need to use any other lip balm or something ike that for my lips. It hydartes my lips to a very great extent. Also unlike other lip balms it does not leave my lips greasy at all. This scrub comes in five different flavours and hence you get an option to select according to your area of interest. My personal favourites are candied nectar and summer berry. Its been quite some time now that I am using this one and I am completely satisfied with the way It has changed my dry lips into.

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