The Body Shop Moringa Eau De Toilette Reviews

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1 year ago

Floral and sugary smell


Floral scent

Long lasting


Summer perfume

Does not irritate skin

The Body Shop is a brand that do not need any kind of introduction at all as it is being liked by a lot of people I am sure. I have tried so many products of this brand into the hair and skincare regime. Though I never tried their perfume range till now in the past. This time when I went t the outlet to buy my regular skin and hair products of my daily routine my eyes fell on their Moringa Eau De Toilette perfume. I was any which case wanted to buy a new fragrance. So thought of checking the smell of this one. The very first smell that I had was something like the moringa flower. It indeed gave me a very fresh feeling in the first spray itself. And I suddenly made up my mind to buy this one. It has been almost a few months that I am using this EDT and it has now become an inseparable part of my life just like the other hair and skincare products of this family. The perfume gives a floral smell at first which eventually settles down to a sugary scent. The best part is that this has got a good staying power and that it does not leave any stains on my clothes like many other EDT.

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