Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose Eau De Parfum Reviews

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1 year ago

Flowery smell



Subtle fragrance


Suitable for sensitive skin

So it was my best friends birthday and I was looking for something elegant and useful at the same time as a gift to her. I selected and shortlisted a lot of other things but was never too happy with either of them. As my friend always liked something which is different from the usual ones I started looking for something which she might like. I screen lined my search to perfumes as she was very much fond of nice fragrances. Unlike me she preferred the feminine smells more. It was getting difficult as I always liked perfumes which are more stronger than the females ones. One day while browsing I came across Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose Eau De Parfum. It looked so pretty that I bought it for her birthday in no time. She liked it very much. The smell is feminine but a bit strong with a flowery tint at the end as you spray. In spite of me not liking soft smells a lot but surprisingly this one was quite different. I liked it so much that I ordered one more for myself too.

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