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Avg Ratings : 4.4

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1 year ago

Soft hair


Easy to use

Cleanses dirt

Controls frizzy hair

Nourishes hair

Good fragrance

Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo has been a biggest hair saviour to my unmanageable hair. I have tried so many shampoos and followed a lot of hair care regimes but none of them gave me any satisfactory results until I found this shampoo. My hair which were so dry and frizzy earlier now feel so soft and hydrated. My hair have now become much more manageable as compared to those in the past. I n fact I remember there was a time that I was even sacred to comb y hair as every time I used to end up with a bunch of hair. I was so worried which in turn lead to more hair fall I think. This shampoo is really easy t be applied. I simply take very less amount of it and apply it on my scalp followed by my hair tresses. It lathers really well and hence gets easy to apply. It gives me a cleaned scalp and hair in no time. This shampoo is very gentle on my hair and I no longer need to apply conditioner at all now. As this shampoo is much enough to give that softness which any other conditioner would give.

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