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1 year ago



Instant relief from dandruff.

Every winter I face dandruff issues so much that my scalp goes so itchy and it becomes so irritating at time. I thought of trying Candid TV Suspension this winter and I am really glad I did. This shampoo is simply amazing and the results are real quick too unlike other shampoos. It completely cleanses my scalp and hair tresses so well making them look soft and shiny. Initially I was not so sure if I should even try it as it is a medicated shampoo and I was scared that it might cause a side effect. But it has helped me with my dandruff issue with out harming my hair at all. Still I would advise each and every one to do a patch test on yourself off course before buying this shampoo. I am sure as this shampoo made my hair so healthy looking it would help many others too.

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