Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Hair care



Herbal formula.

100% natural.


No harsh chemicals.

So it was from a long period of time that I was looking for an effective hair oil for my hair. I tried so many different brands hair oil but there some or the other complications in them. Some of them were not having noticeable positive results where as some where way too costly. So all in all I now wanted some hair oil which would be god for my hair but at the same time would not be too harsh on my pockets too. I got these requirements of mine getting fulfilled in Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil. And I instantly bought this hair oil for my hair. I use it twice in a week. I usually prefer to keep any hair oil over night followed by a wash right in the morning. I followed the same with this hair oil too. With in a few months I realised that my hair fall problem has reduced subsequently now. It has given proper nourishment to my hair. The length of my hair also looks long now. I am so happy with the soft and shiny hair that I have got now.

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