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1 year ago

Worst decision


I might sound choosy but it is indeed very essential to choose the hair products wisely as other wise one might fall prey to various severe hair problems and same happened with me too. I have used so many different shampoos in a faith that my hair would get sufficient nutrient and will become healthy however nothing of that sort happened. And the history continued as I recently bought Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo for a nearby store. As it claims to be paraben free formula I was very keen in trying this shampoo. But on the contrary it turned out to be the biggest disaster of my life. My hair fall increased so much that I was scared of even combing my hair. Every time I used to comb my hair I would end up with a bunch of my hair. My hair have now become so dry and unhealthy looking. This shampoo ahs worsened my hair issues even more. I would not recommend this one to any body ever. Rather I would say that if you have more money or if you want to destroy your hair than only go for this shampoo.

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