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1 year ago

Shampoo fr hair problems


Available in various sizes

Ideal for daily use


Lathers well

No strong fragrance

I was so done with existing shampoos that I used till now in the past. The main reason being they were all full of chemicals and the results that they were giving were only short-termed. I, therefore, started looking for some organic hair care products that I can add in my hair care system. I then came across Organic Harvest Daily Shampoo and bought the same to try it out. I simply take a very small amount of this shampoo as it really lathers well. I massage it over my hair for some time followed by a thorough rinse through warm water. It feels so soothing every time I do ahead bath with this shampoo. My hair looks so soft and shiny nowadays like never before. I use it once in a week and I am sorted for the entire week. My hair fall has also been reduced ever since is started using this shampoo for my hair.

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