Huda Beauty New Foundation Illuminating Primer Reviews

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1 year ago

Primer base


Light texture

Blends quickly



Huda Beauty New Foundation Illuminating Primer has been gifted to me by one of my close friends on my last birthday. I am not much of a make up person and hence never used a primer in my life till now. How ever was really excited to use this primer as heard so much about an impact f using a primer on make ups. So it was my sisters engagement and I wanted to look beautiful for a long time. This primer came to my rescue than. My make up looked so good through the entire function. It is perfect base and makes my face make up ready every time I apply it. I love the fact that this primer gives my face a matte look. It helps in minimising the visibility of blemishes and dark spots on my face. My skin imperfections becomes so light and hardly any one notices if I have any.

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