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1 year ago

Only black shade



I like to do eye make up a lot and I am very fond of using different eye cosmetics for the same. I have been using so many different eye liners till no and always like to try out the newly launched ones as they definitely have an advanced outlook over the old ones for sure. This time I made up my mind to buy Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid EyeLiner. I usually roll up the eyeliner and draw it on my eyelid starting from the one end of my eyes towards the edges carefully. It dries up quickly too but unfortunately it ahs nothing new or advanced which I always wish for in a newly added cosmetic. In addition to that it is available only in one shade that is black. Black is the old colour and I am sure most of the females out their would agree with me. Toady as soother brands are launching eye liners of so many shades black seems extremely common.

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