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Himalaya Toning Massage Oil is specially formulated for women to help recover their body strength post pregnancy. This massage oil contains aloe vera, bala (country mallow), sesame oil and ashvagandha (winter cherry). Massage with this oil stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress, and helps the body recover post pregnancy. It is also infused with lavendar oil fragrance that relaxes, uplifts the mood, and stimulates the senses. Bala is known to strengthen the muscle and joints. Aloe Vera moisturizes and soothes the skin. Sesame oil has skin firming properties and rich in Vitamin E. Ashvagandha has restorative properties and is beneficial in maintaining healthy skin and muscles.

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My daughter was born in winters actually in the month of September. Every one at my home was really happy as I delivered the baby through natural process. How ever I was really concerned to get back to my normal shape post delivery. My mother hired an experienced lady for my and my babys massage. She used various oils for me so as to get rid of the dryness too. But I did not like any of them them and hence finally bought Himalaya Toning Massage Oil. Trust me this is the perfect massage oil to recover post delivery. With regular massage from this oil my skin has become very soft and supple. It looks so healthy and nourished now a days. It has a very soothing lavender fragnance which is very gentle to my nose. I would recommend this massage oil ,to each and every female out their who is looking for quick recovery post delivery.

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